Company Lunch & Planning Session

  • Jan 17, 2017

Company lunch, time to do some planning for the new year! What a beautiful setting! Blessed to live and work in beautiful Huntington Beach. 

What do you do to include your employees in the planning process? I heard a great idea from one of my clients. They put a beautiful GREAT IDEAS jar in the lobby with a box of cards in it. Every month, they take out the little cards and read them at the company meeting and brainstorm on how to do it all better! Sometimes the cards will have a thank you to another staff member for a job well done. They vote on the best idea and that person gets a small reward - something simple like a gift card, a new travel mug or picture frame.  

If you'd like more ideas on how to reward and motivate or simply include your staff, give us a call! Or better yet, head down to the beach and let's get a taco together and talk about it. 



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